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What is mystery shopping?
Speech through feet is the way that customers verbalize their complaints about product quality and service. Customer complaints often go undetected by business owners and management teams. An establishment that takes a proactive approach will employ Mystery Shoppers to identify deficiencies related to product quality and service. Mystery Shoppers patronize a business as a normal customer. They partake of the product offered, interact with staff and observe the environment. This process is often referred to as a "shop". When the shop is complete, the mystery shopper will complete a comprehensive evaluation of everything that they experienced.

What's in it for me?
The most common compensation for shoppers is reimbursement for expenses. The fine dining meal or round of golf that you enjoyed cost you nothing. Some shops also include direct compensation.

Should I become a mystery shopper?
Mystery Shopping is not difficult, but it involves more than getting a free meal and filling out a form. The shopper must offer no hint of his or her true purpose. As a result, any form of note taking or tape recording is not allowed. Shoppers must have a certain eye for detail. You must be able to remember names, products and environmental factors. Client reports are often comprehensive and detailed. Poor shops are easy to spot. Reimbursement is often based on quality and completeness. Mystery Shoppers must be objective. Mystery Shopping will not make you rich but good shoppers can do well. A good Mystery Shopper is not too busy to accept a short notice shop. The best, most available shoppers get the best shops.

How do I become a mystery shopper?
Mercantile Systems and Surveys offers many types of shops all over the US and in the UK including Golf, Dining, Entertainment and Hotel/Motel. To become a MSSurveys Mystery shopper, fill out the Mystery Shopper Application Form. That's all that you will need to do. We offer shops primarily by email based on your location. Immediate response to any offered shop is essential....first come first served!



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